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Terms of Use

REBRAND™ Terms of Use

You are welcome to click through to view projects in the showcase. You are also welcome to link to in general or to a specific page of a showcased project within our site from yours. However, all content -- images, text, downloadable documents -- cannot be republished or copied and placed at your site and in any other format without written permission from REBRAND™ and it's official representatives except where otherwise indicated.

NOTE: All downloadable files, documents, images, tools, resources, cannot be republished, distributed, incorporated into other work not originated by REBRAND™ without the written consent of REBRAND™ LLC and its official representatives. The entry guidelines and form PDF for the annual REBRAND 100 Global Awards is the exception to this stipulation.

Email us at or call 401.277.4877 for questions about usage of any materials and information at our site or to make specific inquiries.

Copyright Notification

All content copyright REBRAND™ LLC.

Trademark Notification

REBRAND™, REBRAND Inner Circle™ and REMOBILIZED™ are trademarks of REBRAND™ LLC. REBRAND 100® is a registered trademark of REBRAND™ LLC.

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