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      REBRAND™ overview with Anaezi Modu, Founder and CEO

Services REBRAND IQ Presents:
> ZAG! Master Class Workshop Intensive - Sept 17+18, 2014
*** Register Today to Secure Your Spot and Bonuses ***

REBRANDIQ - ZAG - Harvard Club of Boston - Long Image
REBRANDIQ - ZAG - Workshop - Marty Neumeier

Why You Need Us? Just Five of Many Reasons

1. Did You Evolve or Transform Your Brand? Announce That Here.

Launch your name change and rebrand to the world right here.

Cut through the press release clutter, and launch your rebrand your way. News wire sites have countless releases running through feeds at the same time. What this means? Your announcement is likely to be missed by many you need to see it.

Announce your rebrand at the only site focused on just that. You can include images, downloadable materials, videos, and other supporting materials you might want journalists and the general public to access. To learn more, visit, write, or call:
• REBRAND Launch
• 1 401 277 4877

2. Pitching a Client? Making the Case with Your Leadership or Board?

Let us help you succeed with case studies and critical expert advice

We help you cut through the noise and get to the heart of what you need. You get your specific questions answered with expert tips and tools for your rebrand initiative with a one-on-one, hour session. You save time, avoid hassles, and— most importantly— get closer to winning the work or garnering support from your executive management. All it takes is a small, smart initial investment for this quick-hit session. To learn more, send us a quick note at or call 1 401 277 4877.

3. Get Our Experienced Help and Referrals to Succeed

Choose the wrong branding consultants? You'll waste lots of money and miss opportunities. Your competitors would love that! Your CEO, shareholders, or clients won't! Let us help and refer you to the best.

We understand your daunting challenge and we know the process of repositioning winning brands from start to launch and beyond. We also know the capabilities of countless branding experts that can help you win in the marketplace. You can be a small non-profit with a tiny budget, or a global, multinational corporation. Name the industry, name the geography preferred, and chances are we can recommend the right partner for your initiative. Oh, and we don't refer experts with an attitude.

Specifics on our Advice and Referrals? Pick one or all three below:
Initial consultation before you begin your rebranding effort. Benefit from our vast experience to save you time, money, and potential trouble.
Let us help you write a clear, concise, creative brief. You need this summary of your project and goals to begin a meaningful conversation with a consultant, your in-house team, or even your CEO
We identify a short list of experts for you, or review and comment on yours

Position your brand to thrive for the long haul by contacting us at or calling 1.401.277.4877.

4. Let the REBRAND Inner Circle Help Increase Your Reach

Showcase You're THE Expert as a REBRAND Inner Circle™ Member

Take advantage of our limited membership program and resources designed to complement your efforts to reach the best clients. Google the term "rebrand" or "rebranding" and see why we're the go-to source on effective brand transformations. More importantly, many organizations seeking experts or looking for best examples consultants, begin with us.


5. REBRAND 100® Global Awards Competition Opportunity

Why you should enter the REBRAND 100® Global Awards

Showcase your effective brand transformation capabilities and successes to clients and prospects. The REBRAND 100 Global Awards is the first, global, highest, juried recognition for excellence in brand repositioning.

There's So Much More Here to View, Read, and Learn

Click Around. Learn from 100s of case studies and articles

We have hundreds of before and after case studies in over 40 industries you can view and read. Each with images and summaries. They'll help you learn what to do and what NOT to do.

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