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Sweetbay Supermarket 2005 REBRAND 100 > distinction
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Challenge - After a decade of weak sales and inconsistent strategy, Florida's Kash 'n Karry Food Stores required a repositioning. The challenge was to create a bold, new approach without alienating existing customers.

Strategy - The VIA Group began by refining a new brand strategy and creating the selected name, Sweetbay. Then we designed a new identifier and a visual, verbal, experimental and conceptual system to convey the spirit and personality of Sweetbay. From this base, work ranged from in-store decor to signage to brand guidelines to business systems to product packaging to advertising.

Result - The result has been a dramatic increase in store sales and higher per-cart purchases.

Credits :

Client : Sweetbay Supermarket -
Creative Firm : The VIA Group -
Chief Creative Officer, Founding Partner : Rich Rico
Senior Client Strategist : Julia Brady
Client Strategist : Denise Karkos
Associate Creative Director : Steve LaChance
Art Director : Patrick Sperry
Senior Writer : Peter Terhune
Senior Production Designer : Aimee Kudlak


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