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Walking Mountains 2011 REBRAND 100 > notable

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector: Institutions, Non-Profits, Foundations
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
Scientific literacy is declining nationwide as other countries surpass the U.S. in all disciplines. Increasing ability in the sciences and reconnecting children to nature are the goals of Walking Mountains, a Vail Valley non-profit offering programs aligned with national legislation (No Child Left Inside) and state initiatives (Colorado Kids Outdoors).

The brand had limited awareness within the county and was confused with a K-12 school. The rebrand was timed with the groundbreaking of a $10 million campus that will seek LEED Platinum certification while the organizationís programs gain national recognition as a model for public-private partnerships in outdoor science education.

Staff and board participated in a scientifically-validated Culture Audit that defines brand personality through Archetypes, or universal stories. The Archetypal Profile that emerged included Jester (playfulness), Explorer (innovation) and Sage (knowledge). This profile became the creative blueprint for a new name, visual identity and voice. Validated through surveys, interviews and focus groups, the new brand story captures the joy of learning in nature, the innovation of place-based education and the importance of stewardship. Messages that speak to children, parents, educators and funders are being promoted via a website/BLOG/Social Media suite, and through advertising, events and PR.

The new brand reflects their educational philosophy and positions Walking Mountains as a forward-thinking model for science education. With their green campus opening in 2011, they are being highlighted by the Colorado Governor and are enjoying broader exposure to media, potential funders and special interest groups.


Client: Walking Mountains -

Brand Strategists/Designers: Allegory Studios -
Partner and Brand Strategist: Cynthia Forstmann
Partner and Brand Strategist: Theresa Agresta
Partner and Interactive Director: Jerry Nichols
Creative Director: Melissa Corrigan
Account Executive: Marquita Rhodes
Graphic Designer: Cate Lynch


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