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The Edge Group 2013 REBRAND 100 > notable

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Ecuador
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Consulting Services, Professional Services, Organizational Behavior, Strategy
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The Edge -


Industry Setting
Organizational behavior consulting firms are proliferating in the market, which means that the quantity of products and services offered are unlimited. Every consulting firm claims to have unique processes, tools and techniques that guarantee good results. The outcome is that the clients are confused, and they don’t know which option to choose.

The Edge is a consulting firm, with high recognition for one of their products: organizational leadership based on team building. The Edge wanted to be recognized as a consolidated consulting firm that has a broad offering of specialized products based on constant innovation.

The first proposed step was to keep the name, which had good levels of awareness. The goal was to establish the idea of a big firm, a holding company with business units, and the the decision was made to name it The Edge Group. The second step was to create an image that reflects the constant innovation that the Group is offering through its products, reinforced with the the claim “New World. New Ideas.” The final step was to develop a system of symbols that could be used to identify every one of the business units of the company. The symbols, together, would represent the idea of innovation and constant movement. The meaning being that the company innovates and moves as a whole group based on its coordinated business units.

The Edge Group, recently launched a communications campaign with its new image. They have begun to gain greater awareness among prospects as a leading consulting firm with a fresh and creative set of offerings in the world of organizational behavior.


Client: The Edge -

Brand Strategists/Designers: Latinbrand -


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