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Storchen 2011 REBRAND 100 > notable

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Germany
Industry/Sector: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail Stores
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
Storchen Apotheke (stork pharmacy) is a small pharmacy in a rural area with about 10,000 citizens.

The greatest challenge was the large number of competitors in this small town. To be successful, the Storchen name, symbol and overall brand had to be unique and, most importantly, the design needed to be simple but outstanding.

The pharmacy is near a stork-tower, so the geographic setting informed the name and design. Most other pharmacies have clean white/blue/green designs with lots of stock-images. We used contrasting colors (special color red) and a planar design with white text on it to be most eye-catching. Moreover, most popular give-aways (gift-cards, gummi bears, tissues) had been branded.

The design is outstanding and can compete in the busy pedestrian zone. Many new customers and offered positive feedback. Moreover, the non-pictorial design harmonizes well with advertising material from the medical industry.


Client: Storchen Apotheke Tiengen -

Brand Strategists/Designers: Kommunikation & Design -

Photography/Design: Foto & Design -

Head of Creation: Alexandra Gröber, Ingo Blum
Design: Alexander Schneble
Photography: Daniel Gerteiser, Juliane Vatter
Webdesign: Christopher Söhngen


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