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Humana 2013 REBRAND 100 > notable

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurance, Hospitals, Wellness and Wellbeing
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Humana -


Industry Setting
After evolving from the largest US nursing home company into the largest US hospital company, Humana is now one of the most prominent health insurance providers in the country.

The healthcare industry is challenged by negative perceptions. High costs and lack of transparency have contributed to low customer satisfaction and engagement. In the midst of this discord, the pending rise in consumerism with the onset of healthcare reform put Humana in a unique position. Their business strategy had already started to evolve from a health insurance company, to a wellbeing provider. Taking a holistic approach to health – emotional, physical, spiritual – Humana had an opportunity with the evolving environment to truly redefine both the insurance and wellness categories.

We helped push their vision further—from a traditional healthcare provider to a “wellbeing” company with a broader focus and more high-minded positioning: Live Life Fully. Leveraging this foundation, we developed a visual identity system to reflect the new strategy. A bold and vibrant color palette of green and plum, paired with a warm and meaningful photography style and an open and friendly typography, created a consumer-centric look and feel.

The new brand was unveiled at a successful internal launch for the company’s 40,00 employees at the Yum Center in Louisville. The SportsBusiness Journal and SportsBusiness Daily named the Humana Challenge PGA event in partnership with the Clinton Foundation its Sports Event of the Year at the fifth-annual Sports Business Awards. We helped Humana redefine what it means to be a health insurance provider, leading to new partnerships for the company and an inspired employee base.


Client: Humana -

Brand Strategists/Designers - Agency: Interbrand -

Chief Creative Officer: Andy Payne
Executive Creative Director: Chris Campbell
Senior Creative Director: Craig Stout
Design Director: Steve Harkin
Senior Designer: Jessica Vernick

Consultants, Verbal Identity:
Ian Collins
Brooke Barrier

Senior Program Manager: Carolyn Murphy

Senior Consultant, Strategy: Jennifer Smith

Directors, Brand Management Systems:
Darren Horwitz
Beth Kovalsky
Senior Managers, Brand Management Systems:
Lauren Thebault
Paul Krauss
Specialist, Brand Management Systems: Michael Frandy
Quality Control Manager, Brand Management Systems: Cristina Russo

Critical Mass (website): Amy Haiar


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