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FHI 2011 REBRAND 100 > notable

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector: Institutions, Foundations, Non-Profits, Healthcare, International Development
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
It would be great if nonprofits were judged solely on the basis of the good they do. But in the real world such organizations must increasingly compete for shrinking funding and think of themselves as brands.

FHI is a global health and development organization whose science-based programs bring lasting change to the world's most vulnerable people. Our approach is rigorous and evidence-driven. Among our worldwide staff of 2,500 are leading physicians, scientists, and technical experts in health, development, and management. Our work is global in scale yet country-focused, with international offices staffed by local professionals.

Challenge #1: As one of the largest organizations if its kind, FHI remained virtually unknown outside a small cadre of influencers. Challenge #2: The organization’s culture was immersed in its mission and in health and science. Branding and marketing were viewed by many as unsavory and an undervalued characteristic.

Given broad internal resistance for branding, we knew it would be impossible to win over the outside audience without first winning over the inside audience. Since they thought like researchers and scientists, we held our brand research and planning to scientific standards, and presented the findings in the context of evidence. Once the internal audience was engaged in the “science of branding,” it was possible to involve them in the development of a differentiating position. In the end, we were able to build that position around their scientific orientation. We were also able to show them how the design approach represented its true visual embodiment.

Thanks to our internal preparation, the rebranding effort was widely anticipated and broadly welcomed across the organization with over 90% approval rating. Internal education has led them the internal team to embrace the brand and serve as its ambassadors worldwide. Thus, as they go about the business of improving lives, they are also helping to build the updated brand.


Client: FHI -

Brand Strategists/Designers: FHI Communications Team -
Executive Sponsors:
Strategic Development & Communications: Manisha Bharti
Chief Operating Officer: Marjorie Newman-Williams
Chairman & CEO: Al Siemens

Brand Strategists:
FHI: Tae Crotty
The Dave and Eddy Show: Dave Goldenberg -

Creative Director:
MB Ramsey Art & Design: Mary Beth Ramsey -

Art Directors and Designers:
MB Ramsey Art & Design: Mary Beth Ramsey -
Fathom Creative: Drew Mitchell, Efrat Levush, Maribel Costa -

Corporate Positioning and Messaging Direction:
The Dave and Eddy Show: Dave Goldenberg -

Project Managers:
FHI: Tae Crotty, Allison Cannon
Fathom Creative: Anjeanette Agro -


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