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Accounting Technicians Ireland 2011 REBRAND 100 > notable

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Ireland
Industry/Sector: Legal, Accounting, Business and Professional Services
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) is a professional body for over 10,000 people working in the Accounting Technician profession in Ireland. With the market hardening, companies and individuals are carefully assessing the value of industry memberships. Without a strong value offering, membership was declining. Education, the main source of income for the association, was also under increasing competitive pressure.

Amongst students, members and employers there was a perceived lack of value from membership and a lack of industry understanding of the Accounting Technician profession. The institute needed to boost its profile amongst students and prospective members, as well as elevate the organization to become a representative body promoting the role of accounting technicians in the Irish economy.

Extensive workshops were conducted to identify a market proposition and common understanding of the ATI brand. A new identity was then created which represents the concept of community and is a stylized monogram of the letters AT (Accounting Technician). It is made up of four intertwining mongrams (representing the members) and one unique monogram (representing the individual).

The rebrand exercise revolutionized the way Accounting Technicians Ireland approached its business and the resultant communication to the marketplace. The new positioning, signaled by a new identity, helped ATI to move from a passive provider of white label education services, to a confident organization organized around three core activities; Education, Representation and Support.


Client: Accounting Technicians Ireland -

Brand Strategists/Designers: The Brand Union Dublin -
Chief Creative Director: Oisin Hurst
Account Director: David O'Connor
Account Manager: Dermot O'Shea
Production Manager: Cathal MacDonagh


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