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Kellogg's 2013 REBRAND 100 > merit

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Food, Nutrition, Retail, Breakfast, Cereal, Children, Health
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Kellogg's -


Industry Setting
Since W.K. Kellogg pioneered the cereal industry with the very first corn flake over 100 years ago, Kellogg’s has grown into the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereal. With a wide range of products in over 180 countries, their audience is just about everyone on the planet who eats breakfast, and competitors were lining up to serve them.

Our challenge was to bring meaning back to an iconic brand that had lapsed into an emphasis on individual products; we sought to refresh its masterbrand identity and sharpen its storytelling. As Kellogg’s grew around the world, the authentic quality they stood for lost its way. Visual and messaging inconsistencies were devaluing their identity. Individual product brands had traction, but equity was not flowing to the masterbrand. They were competing for consumers’ attention on price, not quality.

We transcended “owning breakfast” to “owning the day.” In a competitive category focused on breakfast’s functional benefits, we identified the opportunity for Kellogg’s to mean something more, creating a stronger connection with consumers extending beyond breakfast into a day of possibilities—thanks to a great start.

To restore the brand’s authenticity, we stripped unnecessary visuals, computer renderings or effects. Natural, outdoor photography captured the “sunshine” in people’s lives. Grounded in Kellogg’s promise of brighter days from better breakfasts, we created a compelling identity driving choice and shaping demand.

We drove meaningful change by moving the focus of Kellogg’s brand from product to promise. By strengthening Kellogg’s masterbrand presence in all package designs, we set the stage for a revival. This active transition—from a cluttered portfolio of individual entities to a single overarching idea that infuses brand value into every touchpoint—was boosted by Kellogg’s first-ever masterbrand advertising campaign “as proud sponsor of the start of the day” on the highly dramatic and visible stage of the 2012 Olympics.


Client: Kellogg's -

Brand Strategists/Designers - Agency: Interbrand -

Chief Creative Officer: Andy Payne
Executive Creative Director: Chris Campbell
Creative Director: Mike Knaggs
Senior Designer: Chris Kline
Designer: Nick Agin

Senior Consultant, Verbal Identity: Cameron Dunnet

Director, Program Management: Agnes Konopka

Director, Brand Management Systems: Jeff Dawson
Specialist, Brand Management Systems: Annie Ruddy


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