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esurance 2011 REBRAND 100 > merit

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector: Financial Services, Insurance
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Esurance, “Dedicated” from Duncan/Channon on Vimeo.


Industry Setting
The environment is daunting: the low-involvement category of car insurance with two very deep-pocketed competitors (Geico and Progressive) outspending as much as 10-to-1. At just a decade old, with a relatively modest budget, Esurance is certainly the challenger. But an intrepid one, as measured by growth.

Esurance was a pioneer in online car insurance. In 2004, it debuted an animated TV campaign starring “special agent” Erin Esurance. Between its digital origins and curvaceous cartoon spokeswoman, the brand was a hit with young male drivers. But that’s a notoriously fickle segment, and churn was substantial.

Move up to a more affluent, stable clientele, without alienating the young men of the base. Focus groups indicated that, while cartoon Erin was well-recognized, she contributed to a sense that Esurance might be unreliable. Similarly, the brand’s name evinced the tumultuous dot-com era, while the perception that it was solely an online company did nothing to allay consumer fears. “Will they be there for me?” “Are there people behind the cartoons?” While leveraging the brand-recognition of Erin, the agency had to prove the company trustworthy, dramatizing that, in addition to a superior website, they offer first-class human service.

The rebrand encompassed identity, TV, web, print, outdoor, social and a comprehensive internal effort. By the key measures of “Is this a brand for me?,” “Is it reliable?,” and “Would you consider this company?,” perceptions moved dramatically positive. Consumers reported Esurance offered “the best of both worlds” – people and technology.


Client: Esurance -

Brand Strategists/Designers:Duncan/Channon -


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