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COMMERZBANK 2011 REBRAND 100 > merit

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Germany
Industry/Sector: Financial Services, Insurance
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Logo Transformation Video, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
The merger of Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank in May 2009 gave birth to a new financial institution. With the long and broad experience of two high-performance banks with strong traditions, the new Commerzbank builds on its strengths as a full-service bank for private and business clients in Germany and around the world. Especially for medium-sized companies in Germany it is an indispensible partner, and has been the market leader for years.

After the integration of Dresdner Bank into Commerzbank, a new brand look was needed that underscores the new bank’s claim to leadership in the German domestic market and sends a confident signal for the merger of the two institutions. The two companies had agreed to use Dresdner Bank’s pictorial logo. The form of the new word/picture logo should reflect the merger of the two banks while marking the beginning of a new era through its modern, timeless impression. Then the brand needed to be implemented in all media and documented in the brand portal, and a communication campaign prepared to support the launch.

The Commerzbank brand’s sharpened profile and market position, “Partnership and performance,” are the basis for the visual development. The strategic considerations for the brand development, the brand in all its facets, and the newest milestones of the brand development, are depicted in a number of accompanying media and events (brand book, brand portal, newsletter). These are also communicated to the bank’s employees at regular intervals.

For the logo refinement the logotype was harmonized and an additional spacial dimension added to the pictorial logo. The endless ribbon in radiant yellow reflects optimism, power, dynamism, quality and confidence, perfectly symbolizing the interaction of the key terms "partnership and performance."

All aspects relevant to the brand were communicated to employees of the bank and the public in the autumn of 2009 as part of the launch. They were received with enthusiasm. The design world responded with several awards, and staff and customers have expressed very positive feedback. The logo is a symbol of a successful integration process.



Brand Strategists/Designers: MetaDesign AG -
Executive Creative Direction: Uli Mayer-Johanssen
Creative Direction: Thomas Klein
Design Direction: Karin Weiss, Anke Martini, Markus Wacker
Senior Design: Anja Neuberger
Senior Brand Consulting: Doris Schlieper


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