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Cacadu 2011 REBRAND 100 > merit

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: South Africa
Industry/Sector: Travel and Tourism, Investments, Government, Place
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
Situated in the Western Portion of the rural Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, the Cacadu District Municipality consists of nine local municipalities and other portions collectively known as the District Management Areas. The municipality is a multi-ethnic administration, formed by the ANC government.

Reposition the area as a tourist destination and to promote trade & investment to potential investors.
This extremely difficult rebrand brief: creating a tourism and trade brand from a District Municipality, was taken on by [The Firm]. The District had to attract tourism, communicate awareness of the brand to all markets and align promotion activities. The challenge was to promote the District as a destination rather than a government municipality.

Initially [we] created the new brand and then added the subbrand: “7 Wonders of our World” which uniquely packaged the District into 7 spectacular destinations. Tourists and investors are not likely to adhere to municipal boarders when making decisions regarding travel or investment; however the Cacadu District Municipality could not become obsolete in the marketing strategy, it needed to become more credible in the process. To market the destination, while maintaining the Cacadu brand, all tourism marketing represented 80% destination and 20% Cacadu District Municipality. Trade and investment initiatives were also marketed as supported by the municipality signifying the relationship between the private and public sectors in the area.

The District has become more obvious and accessible to the public due to having a visible brand identity. The “7 Wonders” sub-brand worked exceptionally well and has inspired travel to the area. By stepping away from ‘government communication’ the brand has broken the stigma of government involvement, but has lent credibility to the District Municipality. Cacadu has come into its own in terms of Tourism and Trade and Investment destination, and continued growth is being experienced where tour operators, private game reserves and hotels are beginning to flourish.


Client: Cacadu District Municipality -

Brand Strategists/Designers: Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency -
Brand Strategy: Neil Hart
Creative Directors: Glen Meier, Andrew Mackenzie
Designers: Anja Clarke
Account Services: Luvuyo Bangazi, Elizabeth Upton


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