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YP 2014 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Information Services, Broadcast
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YP Holdings -


Industry Setting
Having enjoyed a golden era of market dominance as the original analogue search tool, YP needed to reinvent their print business for the mobile age, and stake a unique claim in a market now occupied by the new search leaders—powerful brands like Google and Yelp.

YP—North America’s largest local search, media, and advertising company and a billion dollars business—was perceived as a dying entity, with 14% unaided brand awareness. A non-descript target audience, undefined brand purpose and voice, and a dated logo didn’t help. How to shift market perception to match the company’s stellar value? Audience clarity, brand definition, and brand expression were prioritized.

• We identified and defined a new target audience—“doers”—53% of the US population, intent on action and getting things done.

• We centered the brand around a new proposition: “the shortest path from to-do to done” clearly signaling the goal for every YP product, experience or communication.

• We designed the visual identity to celebrate the act of completion. To create a timeless mark for the brand, the logo moves away from an app-inspired jewel to a custom-crafted YP configuration underlined by a simple yellow bar. Focused use of yellow—a color previously used in gratuitous floods—now highlights useful information or a result.

• We created a brand voice that speaks to doers on their terms. Designed to “deliver like a doer” our voice is brisk, succinct, and direct. We bring warmth to our no-nonsense approach by celebrating moments when a job is complete.

Tight brand definition and a fresh identity has re-energized a declining brand—in expression and on a product level, resulting in the redesign of the core site and recent release of the YP app. Internally and externally, the rebrand is a powerful signal of a new era of relevance for YP.


Client: YP -

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand -

Chief Creative Officer: Andy Payne
Executive Creative Director: Chris Campbell
Creative Director: Forest Young
Senior Designer: Matt van Leeuwen

Senior Director, Strategy: Hugh Tallents
Senior Consultant, Strategy: Ray Li
Consultant, Strategy: Elyse Lipman
Associate Consultant, Strategy: Alexander Feld

Associate Director, Verbal Identity: Claire Falloon
Consultant, Verbal Identity: Soo Kim

Program Manager: Meggie Schmidt

Manager, Brand Management Systems: Nanette Gutierrez
Specialist, Brand Management Systems: Michael Aaron Frandy


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