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University of Phoenix 2011 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector: Educational Institutions
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
University of Phoenix has grown from an upstart in 1976 to becoming the largest private university in North America. Students attend classes at more than 200 locations, as well as through a virtual, online campus available in most countries around the world. University of Phoenix provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities.

Refresh and revitalize this pioneering institution of higher education to better reflect its dynamic learning experience and the passion, commitment and expertise of its educators, students, alumni and employees.

The main audience for University of Phoenix consists of working adults striving to improve the future for themselves, their families, communities and workplace through education. The team identified key opportunities to tell the University of Phoenix story of breakthrough, vital, student-focused learning through the use of vibrant, dynamic color and imagery, photos of real students and faculty, a custom typeface, and warm, friendly tone and voice. The Signature is redesigned to be future-facing and inspirational while retaining the heritage and legacy of an industry leader.

The new brand expression has revitalized the University of Phoenix community and become a visible reminder of the commitment and passion of its faculty, students, alumni and employees.


Client: University of Phoenix, Apollo Group -

EVP Chief Marketing and Product Development Officer: Rob Wrubel
Senior Vice President Brand Marketing and Media: Michael Sullivan
VP of Creative Development, Apollo Group: Maryann Bell
Director of Brand Marketing, Apollo Group: Ariana Rosales Hellebuyck
Creative Director, Brand, Apollo Group: Jane Brown
Creative Director, Integrated Marketing, Apollo Group: Jeff Kerrin
Brand Strategy: Ivelich Stone
Design - Apollo Internal Team:
• Jeanette Karthaus
• Dom Bacani
• Amanda Cooper
• Ashley Schoenknecht
• Heidi Anderst
• Gabriella Brigido

Design Consultants:
• Jeff Carino
• Michael Collins
• Frank Mueller
• Gabriella Rossi
• Scott Hammond
• Harvey
• Mark Hausler

• Doug Menuez
• Brian Pobuda


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