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SeriousFun Children's Network 2013 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Institutions, Non Profits, Children, Entertainment, Play, Childhood Illness, Health, Wellness
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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SeriousFun Children's Network -


Industry Setting
Paul Newman (late, famous, American actor) founded The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps to create safe havens where seriously ill children could forget about their conditions and simply be kids. This approach sparked a global movement of camps, and profound wellness outcomes sprung from changing the focus from illness to experience.

The organization sought to reflect this global growth and efficacy, and to create a more agile platform for driving donations and awareness. Among the challenges:
• Its name referenced Butch Cassidy (1969), lacking relevance for contemporary audiences.
• The role of the Assocation in relation to member camps needed clarity—as the leader of a movement with a recognizable identity and tight messaging.
• Newman’s death hastened inevitable questions about the place of the founder in the brand identity going forward.

Working with senior leadership, we aligned the organization around the proposition “Joyful Empowerment.” Internal commitment to “the power of play” inspired the SeriousFun name. We designed the wordmark to contain a telegraphic gesture of joy within a legible, mature rendering. The identity system and tagline anticipated communications and implementation growth. Balancing proof points with inspirational language was key in providing signature graphic elements to drive behavior change among donors, sponsorship partners, volunteers, and parents. The clarifying of the mission for global audiences was also key.

The organization sold out its gala brand launch, unveiling the new name and identity at Lincoln Center with music and Hollywood celebrities endorsing the rebrand and raising significant money on behalf of future camp-goers and their families. Bill Clinton, Joanne Woodward, Julia Roberts, and Bruce Willis are among those who have endorsed the organization using scripts culled from the messaging platform and copy we provided. The evocative, hopeful, and emotive visual identity has helped the brand cohere, communicate, and anticipate the future.


Client: SeriousFun Children's Network -

Brand Strategists/Designers - Agency: Interbrand -

Chief Creative Officer: Andy Payne
Executive Creative Director: Chris Campbell
Associate Creative Director: Forest Young
Senior Designer: Matt van Leeuwen

Associate Director, Copy Lead: Peter Cenedelia
Associate Director, Naming Lead: Caitlin Barrett

Senior Program Manager: Nakia Johnson

Director, Brand Management Systems: Terry Kerr
Specialist, Brand Management Systems: Annie Ruddy


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