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New Theatre 2014 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Cultural Institutions and Museums, Arts and Entertainment, Performance
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New Theatre -


Industry Setting
New Theatre is one of Sydney’s oldest, proudest and most independent theatres. Historically the Theatre was famous for it’s avant-garde, revolutionary attitude, and for adding unexpected twists to familiar plays. And yet, as the theatre approached it’s 80th birthday, it had become neglected, tired and it was loosing relevance in Sydney’s ultra competitive art and culture sector. Our brief was to breathe new life into an old theatre brand, and to make an ambivalent visitor base sit up and take notice once again.

New Theatre needed an identity that was exciting, flexible and iconic. It also needed a visual and verbal system that would allow the theatre, and the team working there, to play more of the starring role. They needed to take ownership of their Seasons, presenting their own takes on shows. They also had to find a way to communicate the strong, alternative culture that has been the foundation of their rich 80 year history.

At the center of the new identity is the ‘NT’ logo. This logo combines the three initial letters of The New Theatre into one simple monogram. The logo is capable of being read when rotated 180°. This graphic device captures the revolutionary spirit that once made the theatre famous, as well as celebrating the unexpected twist that New Theatre often adds to its productions. The new identity is strong, bold and impossible to ignore.

Following a sold out opening night and increased ticket sales, 2012 / 13 has seen The New Theatre become relevant again. They are winning over new, younger audiences and increasing ticket sales healthily.

Culturally the new brand has given employees their sense of pride back. The staff at the theatre is more united and focused than ever.


Client: New Theatre-
Artistic Director: Luke Rogers

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Sydney

Creative Director: Mike Rigby
Art Director: Chris Doyle
Dean Christie
Gareth Stewart
Michelle Traylor

Eric Ng
Diana Chirilas

Chris Lamont
Lex Courts

Motion Design: - Mike Tosetto


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