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ivoo 2013 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Brand Extension
Country Base:Venezuela
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Retail Stores, Branded Environments, Property Development, Electronics Manufacturing
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Ivoo -


Industry Setting
For over 1.5 years, our firm worked with Venezuelan company Greentech to create an unprecedented electronics retail brand in that South American country.

Greentech is one of the largest companies in Venezuela, and is vertically integrated in the production of electronic devices (eg computers, cameras, tablets, etc.).

Our Firm had to first decide whether the new retail brand had to be linked to the company or whether it should be independent. The latter was agreed, since we recommended the store sell other products besides Greentech’s.

Therefore, we had to create a brand that stood on its own, independent from Greentech’s strong reputation – and compete against brands that had been in the market for decades.

We conducted a thorough analysis of the market (and consumers) and then created a brand strategy that became the basis for a new name, its brand identity, retail design and brand guidelines.

At the beginning there was only a terrain. So not only did we create the brand, we also helped in the architectural design of the building; façade and materials; the product mix within the store; and the business plan (pricing and type of products to be sold). This was genuinely a project where the brand’s essence was applied to all details.

The brand proposition revolved around the idea of the store being an oasis of excellent service and innovative products – something rarely seen in Venezuela. This is very relevant in a country that has frozen in time in some regards.

The name IVOO (to be pronounced “ee-vo”) was created. For a start, it was a different take on market conventions (other competitors use descriptive names); it is snappy and easy to remember.

The name was accompanied by its new identity: a simple, yet strong, logotype.

IVOO was a global, collaborative effort between various offices and it opened its doors with success in September 2012.


Client: Ivoo, A Greentech Brand

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Mexico -

Associate Director, Interbrand Madrid: Carlos Bohórquez
Managing Director, Interbrand Mexico: Isabel Blasco
Creative Director, Interbrand Mexico: Lilián Jiménez
Senior Consultant, Interbrand Mexico: Pablo Romo
Director Analytics, Interbrand Design Forum: Sean Mead
Retail Design Director, Interbrand Buenos Aires: Sergio Wullich


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