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CitationAir 2011 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector: Airline, Transportation
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
The private jet industry has faced enormous pressures, including the severe downturn in the economy and negative populist sentiments against the industry as a whole. CitationAir is one of four major operators, with the biggest operator enjoying the bulk of the market share and brand recognition.

Branding efforts had been minimal, and the sales team was struggling to communicate the company’s unique selling proposition. In addition, the old company name and brand did not adequately reflect the scope or breadth of the products and services offered to both individuals and corporate customers.

During the course of the rebranding, the company underwent an operational transformation which enabled them to deliver an integrated product portfolio, supported by one operational platform, serviced through a single relationship with one company. Objectives of the re-launch were to:

1. Educate target consumers about breadth of offerings and tie to parent company
2. Build brand equity
3. Position the company as the challenger brand

After several focus groups and telephone interviews with their ultra-high-net-worth customers and prospects, it was determined that the relaunch communications and resulting marketing elements would need to be simple, approachable, confident, authentic, savvy and smart.

• Web leads doubled
• Email inquiries quadrupled
• Conversion of raw to qualified leads increased 44%
• Jet Card hours sold increased 34%
• Put Notices* decreased 61%
• 18 Jet Management aircrafts sold by end of 2009; 83% increase vs. prior year
• 19 corporate contracts sold since the relaunch

*A Put Notice is a notice from the customer that they wish to put their share of the aircraft back, meaning end their contract prior to the contract end date.


Client: CitationAir -
SVP, Chief Revenue Officer: Woody Harford
VP Marketing: Renee Levine
Marketing Specialist: Angelina Alvino
Marketing Manager: Marylynn Mckeown
Marketing Coordinator: Allie Levison

Brand Strategists/Designers/Video Production:

Website Redesign, Digital Strategy and Marketing Communications:
Ryan Partnership -
Exec. Vice President, General Manager: Elise Wilfinger
Account Director: Chris Morse
Management Supervisor: Krista Pietrafeso
Creative Director: Fred Giordano
Art Director: Greg Stein
Senior Copywriter: Alan Herzog
Director of Web Development: Rob Gainer
Director of Technology: Michael Paige
Senior Producer: Nina Sherwin
HTML Developer: John Gibbs
Account Supervisor: Christina Scibelli

Naming, Logo, Brand Identity, Print Ads:
Hornall Anderson -
Founding Partner & Creative Director: Jack Anderson

XXL Media, Inc
Director: Rick Lopes
Producer: Josh Levine
Editor: David Heidelberger
Graphics/Animation Supervisor: Brandon Robinson
AD/Coordinator: Damon Smith


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