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Cisco 2012 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Information Technology Services, Computer Hardware and Software, Networking, Media
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Industry Setting
Founded in 1984, Cisco Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of networking technology with revenues exceeding $43 billion. The company sells hardware, software and services to businesses of all sizes, governments, service providers and consumers. Faced with increasing competition, delivering a differentiated, unified, and integrated brand experience was problematic.

The company’s business had expanded dramatically, and the brand needed to be relevant to diverse audiences across all media, connecting with authority and authenticity to its customers, worldwide. The company’s complexity was limiting its ability to tell a brand story that would reflect its culture of innovation, inspiration and thought leadership. The brand experience needed to feel more flexible, approachable and in tune with its aspiration for “changing the way we work, live, play, and learn.”

A grass-roots brand audit, rapid prototyping process for the design system, and real-time feedback mechanisms would ensure inclusive participation in the redesign process and alignment to business needs. Because brand experience touch points were broad and diverse, the identity system should accommodate all media, all devices, and all audiences in a unique manner. Brand guidelines would be flexible enough to allow the brand to whisper and shout, and brand assets would be easy to access and use. A goal of enabling maximum creativity would allow any design effort, from marketing communications to product design, to stand out and fit in simultaneously.

The rebrand system has significantly influenced the re-architecting of the company’s primary web experience,, its social media practices, design of the employee workplace experience, and the Human Network ad campaign. Brand experience standards are being adopted by user experience teams across Cisco in the development of hardware and software products. Cisco has raised its consciousness of brand alignment and the power of delivering business value in the customer experience.


Client: Cisco -

Brand Strategists:
Cisco Brand Team -
Monique Mulbry, Cheryl Sawyer, Barry Cowan, Mike Sanchez, Alex Crawford, Kathleen Lau

Prophet -
Jay Milliken, Jesse Purewal, Lindsay Cookson, Peter Dixon

Creative Direction and Design:
Cisco Brand Team -
Art Kilinski, Gary Ferguson, Alex Pista, Fernando Segura, Mike Needham, Andrew Lamers, Patty Parham, Chris Sereno, Dave Siddoway, Ronn Harsh, Dennis Mancini

Tolleson Design -
Steve Tolleson, Randy Yau, Boramee Seo, Rene Rosso, Craig Clark, Eric Einwiller, Sam McMillan, Christy Brand, Marta Corley

Westernized Productions -
Brandon Grande, Marcello Grande, Allison McBeath, Scott Bartholomew, Zack Freeman, Janelle Falcone

EdenSpiekermann -
Erik Spiekermann, Ralph DuCarrois, Andreas Eigendorf

Artua -
Sergey Perets, Alexandr Dove, Serg Olkhovsky

Photography Creative Direction and Art Direction:
Cisco Brand Team -
Kevin Prentice, Vince Lindeman

Program Management and Communications: Cisco Brand Team -
Linda Mayer, Marlena Djukich, Hannah Cho, Kathleen Watson, Kim Luong

Web, User Experience, and Collateral Design:
Cisco -
Amelia Bellows, Lisa Acup, Martin Hardee, Chris Patio, Steve Lau, Janet Wallin, Katie Wornson, Adam Garner, Davythe Dicochea, Stephen Pius, Michael Lenz, Allison Johnson, Amy Paquette, Cordell Ratzlaff, Ruben Rohde, Hans Von Sichart, Kip Lockwood, Zoe Hu, Carol Horiuchi, Asli Ors, Peter Stahl, Valerie Hunter

Level Studios -
Gustaf Fjestrom, Jack Cuddy, Rebecca Lee, Doug Hughmanick

Eight Shapes -
Nathan Curtis

Achille Bigliardi, Jordan Reeder, Brian Long

Prepress and Retouching:
XYZ Graphics -
Jerry Daino


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