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Boticário 2011 REBRAND 100 > distinction

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Brazil
Industry/Sector: Cosmetics, Toiletries, Personal Products, Manufacturing
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting
Grupo Boticário is the result of notable entrepreneurial success. Its history blends with the development of the beauty industry in Brazil, a process in which its pioneering stood out. Founded in 1977, the company became recognized both for the innovative quality of its products and services and for the management of a distribution network that set a paradigm for the franchising sector. Today, Grupo Boticário has a presence throughout Brazil and ten other countries, totaling almost 3,000 stores – the world’s largest perfume and cosmetics franchise.

To deal with the continuous growth of the brand and its current strategy for growth and expansion of the business, Grupo Boticário has taken a decisive step to boost its competitiveness. With the creation of Grupo Boticário, the company began 2010 as one of the leading organizations in the beauty segment in Brazil – prepared to involve all its brands in internal initiatives and to create new ones.

Hence, wide-ranging work that involved strategy – with the preparation of the brand pillars and essence – brand architecture and a complete visual identity project was developed. Inspired by the Golden Ratio, the brand’s symbol is born in a spiral. In the transparency and movement of its outlines is the continual evolution of the group. The name written in lower-case letters denotes proximity (approachability). The typography, simple and modern, and the differentiated design of the letter “g” and the accent on the letter “a” lend the brand singularity.


Client: Grupo Boticário -

Brand Strategists/Designers: FutureBrand Team -


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