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QAGOMA 2013 REBRAND 100 > best of awards

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Museums and Cultural Institutions, Exhibits, Arts, Galleries, Government Agencies, Mergers
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Industry Setting
Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) was the original arts institution in Brisbane. Five years ago, the Queensland government built and launched the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). The two buildings are only 200 meters apart, and the success of GOMA led to the perception that there was a split and that one dominated the other.

We needed to bring the two brands together into a single brand that reflected the outstanding successes already achieved. We also needed to express their ambitions for the future, in the context of a myriad of stakeholders and agendas.

The new brand unites QAG and GOMA into a new brand, QAGOMA.

We embraced the unique situation of having two galleries work hand in hand to offer richer, complementary experiences. We created two subtly different personalities, and together, they play out across both galleries. Like siblings, sometimes they agree, sometimes they disagree. And sometimes they complete each other’s sentences. Together, they tell two sides of the same story.

We’re currently working with the gallery in planning for an app with the functionality to provide each gallery’s unique perspective – perhaps a visitor may be feeling more GOMA today, but they might be in a QAG state of mind the following week. The point is to be able to offer a fully rounded experience through the strategy and its activation...

The rebranding solution for QAGOMA has finally created a brand. Not only for visitors, but also for the employees themselves.

Too often arts organizations give up the opportunities to build their own brands and create new ones for each and every exhibition. QAGOMA can now focus on building a strong, established international brand, and its recent triumph in being awarded best branding campaign at the International Design Communication Awards has already positioned it alongside the likes of MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, and the world’s finest galleries.


Client: QAGOMA -
Director: Tony Ellwood

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Sydney

Creative Directors:
Mike Rigby
Chris Maclean
Jake Smallman

General Manager: Andy Wright

Ben Miles
Andrew Droog
Eric Ng
Sue Mould
Charl Laubscher
Annah Brocklebank
Diana Chirilas
Drew Coughlan
Marjo Loponen

Chris Lamont
Lex Courts

Motion Designer: Mike Tosetto


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