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Alzheimer's Australia 2013 REBRAND 100 > best of awards

Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Institutions, Non Profits, Healthcare, Alzheimer's, Government, Aging, Activism, Fundraising
Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

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Alzheimer's Australia -


Industry Setting
Alzheimer’s disease is Australia’s third biggest killer. By 2030, it will kill more Australians than cancer, and there is no cure.

Few know this. It’s only 112th for donations. The government doesn’t recognize it as a chronic disease. Stigmatized, underfunded, ignored, our brief was to turn the unspoken into the unforgettable.

CEO Glenn Rees put it best: “Let’s put a bloody great big bomb under the problem.” Research showed they needed to be a top 10 charity to stand a chance of substantial donations and extra funding.

• We needed to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s, which meant transforming a passive, disjointed organization into one ready to tackle the fight head on.
• To educate the public and government, which meant standing out from the crowd and creating not just awareness, but understanding and action.
• To get the government to make the disease a national health priority.

We had to embed a fighting spirit at the brand’s core to galvanize Australians around this cause. So we created a highly effective but heartfelt strategy to paint Alzheimer’s disease as villain, Australia as hero. For example:

Fight Alzheimer’s. Save Australia.

Stop Alzheimer’s. Go Australia.

Understand Alzheimer’s. Educate Australia.

In just four words, we communicate the organization’s name, highlight the problem, and feature a strong call-to-action – with versatility to talk to sufferers, carers, the public, and government. Featuring a flexible logo built from language – and only two colors, for impact – the brand evolves with different messages, much like a flowing conversation. Subsequently, we devised a three-part plan: first to expose Alzheimer’s disease as villain, then hunt down and ultimately vanquish it.

Finally, we launched our fight against Alzheimer’s with a protest on Parliament.

• Government policy change, making Alzheimer’s disease a national health priority (additional $300m funding).
• 33 Federal politicians signed-up to Fight Dementia.
• Substantial funding from Pfizer and BUPA.
• Launch generated $700,000 in free media.
• 150,000 downloads of Alzheimer’s Australia iPhone app.


Client: Alzheimer's Australia -
CEO: Damian Borchok
Client Lead: Andrew Mills

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand Sydney

Client Executive: Rashna Shroff
Client Director: David Storey
Creative Director: Chris Maclean
Creative Director: Mike Rigby
Art Direction: Chris Doyle
Designers: Joao Peres, Jefton Sungkar
Writers: Lex Courts, Chris Lamont


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