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REBRAND 100 Best of Awards - Crystal Award
awards: 2014 Congratulations to All 2014 REBRAND 100 Winners!

>> View the Inspiring Showcase from Around the World

The 2014 REBRAND 100 was open to any rebrand launched anywhere in the world between January 2011 and September 2013. Eligibility included enterprise-wide initiatives, a single component of a brand, or a brand extension. Entries could have been for products, services, environments, corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

Who or What was Eligible for the 2014 REBRAND 100
Global organizations, Fortune 50 corporations, small businesses, accomplished entrepreneurs, respected nonprofit organizations, cities, and renowned universities from around the world are regularly represented in the REBRAND 100 Global Awards. Some past winners have been based in Australia, Bahrain, India, Italy, Lebanon, Romania, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, in addition to the US.

Recognition and Benefits for Entering and Winning
The REBRAND 100 Global Awards is the first and highest worldwide recognition of its kind. Businesses, brand strategists, and various organizations have come to value knowing they are among the best in the world when it comes to effectively meeting strategic goals and forging loyalty and strong connections with their targets.
  1. Prestigious Global Recognition

    There are two winning categories: Five Best of Awards and Distinction. There can only be five Best of Awards, and the number of Distinction designations is up to the jurors. We have had up to 29 Distinction in the past. 2014 may yield more or fewer.

  2. Full Page Online Display

    Each winner receives a full page display that remains in the permanent archives at, the leading destination for those in search of brand transformation case examples and expertise.

  3. Gallery Display

    REBRAND, at its own timing, may elect to display additional projects in the 2014 gallery, up to 100, that received high votes from jurors, but insufficient votes for the two winning categories above.

  4. Publicity and Promotion Campaign for Winners and Profile at Homepage

    We publicize winners through a campaign targeted to international business and design media. We feature and highlight winners on our homepage for one week—a $2500 and $1500 value based on our monthly page views—and our social media network from Spring 2014. We also create a press template that can be modified for your own use. See below for promotional buttons we provide.

  5. Custom-Designed Awards and Certificates

    The five Best of Awards winners receive custom designed awards. Distinction winners can receive two digital certificates, upon request—one for the entering organization, one for the brand owner. Printed, embossed, frame-able certificates, can be made for Distinction winners, upon request, provided the standard fee for express delivery established per certificate is covered. An award, TBD, different from that of the Best winners, may be made available for purchase by Distinction winners.

  6. Promotional Website Buttons

    All winners and brands among the gallery display may receive graphical/digital buttons they can use for promotions.

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