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REBRAND 100 Best of Awards - Crystal Award
awards: 2014 REBRAND — The Next Decade

Dear REBRAND Friends and Family,

Thank you for your past participation and interest in REBRAND and the REBRAND 100 Global Awards. After 10 successful, consecutive years of the annual REBRAND 100 competition, we are shifting to every two years, so that we can integrate some new initiatives. These include ways to promote your expertise. Please be sure to read this full note to learn more.

We will not have the annual competition this year—the 2015 that would have had entry deadlines this September, 2014. The next one will be the 2016 REBRAND 100 with entry deadlines in 2015. This new schedule allows us to kick off some new programs and learning resources requested of us over time.

These resources are outlined below so please read through thoroughly. Notably, these include ongoing opportunities to showcase your transformed brand or consulting expertise in addition to live learn and apply sessions starting this September at the Harvard Club in Boston.

REBRAND IQ Initiative

Other components of the in-demand initiatives consist of live events, certificate training sessions through the REBRAND Institute, case study compilations, publishing of guides and papers, as well as on-demand or customized training resources. All under the new REBRAND IQ initiative, there will also be a knowledge network piece that will contain created and curated guides, papers, videos, and tools from our leading industry partners.

Example? ZAG! Master Class led by Marty Neuemeier at Harvard Club jBoston Sept 17-18

If you believe your expertise qualifies you to participate in REBRAND IQ in some way, please feel free to contact as at

Ongoing Opportunity to Showcase Your Transformed Brand or Consulting Expertise

Although there will not be a 2015 competition, for which the entry deadline would have been this September 2014, we are providing several opportunities for firms to showcase their work or expertise via one or all of the following:
  1. Video Submission
    Opportunity to submit 1-3 minute maximum videos representing the rebranded work

  2. REBRAND Launch
    Your opportunity to launch and announce your rebrands by submitting before and after images, text summary, short videos and other related items. There is a reasonable investment required for this.

  3. REBRAND Launch Promotion Via Outreach Channels
    We will share and promote the launch with REBRAND's outreach network via social media and by featuring at and the News + Resources section of the website

  4. Automatic Entry Into the Next REBRAND 100 Global Awards Juried Competition
    If your take advantage of the REBRAND Launch program, and your rebrand was launched within the approx 2.5 year launch window that REBRAND 100 competition requires, you can be automatically entered in the next juried competition.

  5. REBRAND Inner Circle Membership
    Varying levels of membership that allow you to invest in your ability to thrive. Increase your prospect reach by showcasing your showcase your expertise and capabilities on a global scale through the Inner Circle advantages

Doing so will greatly benefit you in several ways.
  1. Prestigious Global Recognition
    Your firm or brand will be showcased on the only, global, renowned site focused on effective brand transformations.

  2. Full Page Online Display
    You will have our help in sharing your brand and expertise via our outreach network

  3. Gallery Display
    If your rebrand was launched within the approx 2.5 year launch window that REBRAND 100 competition requires, your rebrand can be automatically entered in the next juried competition.

  4. Publicity and promotion through our outreach network and with a full profile at
    We will publicize your launch, periodic news or updates through our outreach targetted to international business and design channels. We feature and highlight launches on our homepage for one week—a $2500 and $1500 value based on our monthly page views—and our social media network. This would be the same depending on the level of Inner Circle membership selected.

Links for the ongoing showcase opportunities

For now, as you know, you can view, still currently for free, the many years of before and after examples in so many industries at We also encourage you to stay connected for updates and new developments via our social media locales. The links:

> Twitter -
> Facebook -
> LinkedIn -
> Google Plus -

We thank you again for your past participation in REBRAND 100 Global Awards, and/or site visits to view our showcases, check out the experts, and more. I hope you will join us in Boston, or opt for one of the ways to promote your brand, expertise, and brand transformation noted above. At the very least, we look forward to your entry in the 2016 competition.

Transform to Thrive!

Anaezi Modu
Founder and CEO

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