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2012 Jury

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Kentaro Fukada Kentaro Fukada
Founder, Tonight Media, Tokyo

Kentaro Fukada - Founder, Tonight Media

Kentaro Fukada is a technologist by trade with more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector. He specializes in helping organizations reach global awareness by utilizing technical solutions to effectively manage their presence in an ever changing world. Currently serving as a technical adviser to many companies and organizations, as well as a frequent writer to periodicals, he brings a perspective that combines both technical and business aspects on a global scale.

Born in Europe and raised in Asia and the US, Kentaro has a unique understanding of cultural as well as technical issues that may impact an organization's ability to achieve their business goals and their presence in oversees markets. Kentaro currently resides in Tokyo where he continues to help companies deal with issues ranging from brand awareness to brand security risk assessments and technology utilization issues.

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