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2012 Jury

share this page Boris Ljubicic - Founder STUDIO INTERNATIONAL - Croatia
Boris Ljubicic Boris Ljubicic

Boris Ljubicic is a recognized explorer of visual communications and design. His works cover all of the design categories: visual identity, typography, billboards, books, TV and web design. His works are dissimilar, challenging and confusing. As an author originating from a so-called transitional country, he dedicated his efforts to sports, culture, economy and politics. He achieved excellent results in each of these areas, changing the global standards along the way. In his quest for the Croatian visual identity, he sacrificed his creativity and dedicated himself to a higher goal.

His international diversity is not a style or “handwriting,” but a concept aimed at forming a public opinion. He won almost all of his contracts through responses to public requests, but he also has a collection of works that were not published. He is a creator of many design initiatives. In 2002, he initiated the idea to create a visual identity for the European continent - EUROPE 2020. As president of the Croatian Designer’s Association 2003 – 2005, he initiated the foundation of the Croatian Design Center.

His firm, STUDIO INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1988 in Zagrebu (Croatia). The firm's efforts to achieve the highest international standards in design have resulted in many international awards and quotations in some of the most prestigious publications worldwide.

One of STUDIO INTERNATIONAl's favorite and most challenging projects was designing the visual identity for the new and relatively unknown country: the Republic of Croatia. It was a very new concept of visual identity for the transitional country. Economy (tourism), media (HRT -Croatian Radio and Television), Advertising (Zagreb Fair), Culture (Croatian Lexicographic Institute), Transport (HAK - Croatian Automobile Club) and other elements were integrated in a unique and easily recognizable visual code for Croatia. Many of the components of the effort received international awards and recognitions.

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