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CSC 2010 REBRAND 100 Winners > merit
Industry: Technology - Hardware and Software
Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Below: Before Images, Rebrand Images, Summary, Credits

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Industry Setting - As a market leader in the computer sciences category, CSC delivers technology-enabled solutions to commercial and public-sector clients across the world.

Challenge - Despite superior customer satisfaction and a 50-year legacy, CSC was not recognized as a premium player in the industry. CSC was getting lost in a sea of blue – all the market players looked relatively the same, even if CSC was delivering the better product. By creating a distinguishing brand identity based on a new strategic platform, CSC sought to earn the reward its extraordinary performance warranted.

Strategy - At the heart of the new CSC brand is a central idea: “At CSC, we expect you to expect more.” This brand idea is intended as a celebration of what makes the company unique – how employees routinely go above and beyond to exceed customer demands.

To bring this new-found confidence to life visually, the new logo gives greater emphasis to the brand name. Using a custom variation of the typeface, Gotham, and a red holding shape as a framing device, the new logo suggests dimension and boldness.

Complementing this new logo is a vibrant color palette as well as the use of silhouetted photography. Highly differentiating within the technology sector, this combination of expressive color and fresh imagery positions CSC as a standout innovator within the space.

Also included within the new CSC brand identity is a distinctive visual element known as the projection box. Emanating from the logo, the bright projection box is a vehicle to “project” headline copy and amplify brand messaging, giving voice to a brand that had for too long remained subdued.

Result - Clients have thoroughly embraced the new CSC brand. By distinguishing itself from competitors, CSC has increased customer loyalty while attracting new clients as well. But perhaps the best measure of the new brand’s success has been the internal response. Following launch, there has been an incredible outpouring of employee support and appreciation, as the brand idea specifically spotlights their extraordinary effort.


Client: CSC -

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand -
Exective Director: Tom Zara

Creative Director: Chris Campbell
Associate Creative Director: Carlyn Schlechter
Senior Designer: Jenn Hill
Senior Designer: August Heffner
Designer: Erik Murillo
Designer: Jaclyn Dooner
Creative Director, Interactive: Alan Roll
Director: Jason Baer
Creative Writer: Ben Purkert


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