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Backbone Youth Theater 2010 REBRAND 100 Winners > merit
Industry: Events/Entertainment
Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
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Industry Setting - Backbone Youth Arts is Queensland, Austrialia's leading youth arts company.

Challenge - Despite being one of the oldest and most respected youth arts organisations in QLD, Backbone was suffering from falling participant numbers. Focus group research revealed that Backbone had lost its relevance to 18-26 year old participants. This is a critical market segment for two reasons: firstly, they produce the most aspirational / flagship productions; and secondly, the younger market segments are highly influenced by their older peers.

Strategy - To reengage the 18-26 year market segment by:
- Redeveloping the companyís program to focus on productions which are more relevant and engaging to 18-26 year old participants and audiences
- Evolving the brand identity to help position the brand as a more youthful, creative and credible arts organisation.

Result - When the brand identity launched, it was rolled out across all touchpoints, including promotional posters for productions. Interestingly, Backbone experienced a small uplift in participant numbers initially but a substantial uplift in audience numbers. Once audiences experienced the productions they then felt a strong enough connection to the brand and were willing to engage more deeply with Backbone. The company saw participant numbers increase by 38%. All winter seasonís productions sold out and Backbone have now increased their standard season length by a third to meet demand.


Client: Backbone Youth Arts -

Brand Strategists/Designers: Ideaworks -
Creative Director: Glen Barry/Steven Arnold
Lead Designer: Steve Arnold
Typography: Steven Arnold
Art Direction: Steven Arnold
Project Manager: Monika Vidovic
Strategy Director: Matt Newall


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