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Marc Cloosterman Marc Cloosterman
CEO, VIM Group, The Netherlands

Marc Cloosterman Marc Cloosterman is CEO of VIM Group, the independent global network of companies specialized in brand implementation. He is passionate about the impact achieved by consistently implemented and managed brands, thus contributing to thorough reputation management. The company has developed the discipline of brand implementation to become a full-fledged business segment in the communication world.

VIM Group was founded by Dutch brand implementation category founder NykampNyboer. The groupís members have executed over 1,200 brand implementations, and they operate in Europe, North America, The Middle East and Asia Pacific. Some client companies include DHL, Toyota, General Motors, ING, Starbucks, and Apple Computer.

Marc regularly speaks for both practitioners and academics, and he has written a number of articles on brand implementation. In addition to his role at VIM Group, Marc founded Brand Finance (Netherlands) in 2004, a joint venture between VIM Group and Brand Finance Plc in London. Brand Finance specializes in the financial valuation of brands, and it operates in fifteen countries.

Marcís first career was with KPMG. In addition to his training as a chartered accountant (NIvRA/Nyenrode), he participated in the International Marketing Program at INSEAD. He is fluent in Dutch, English, and German

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