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Britannia Industries: Pure Magic Brand 2009 REBRAND 100 Winners > merit
Industry/Sector: Food
Component Rebrand
Country Base: India
Below: Before Images, Rebrand Images, Summary

Brittania Industries: Pure Magic


Industry Setting - Pure Magic is a premium cookies brand from Britannia Industries – the confectionery giant in India. Before rebranding, its portfolio consisted of cream biscuits and Danish cookies that were sold from all types of retail formats.

Challenge - The inconsistency in brand identity within the portfolio created confusion among consumers. Also Britannia wanted to relaunch ‘Pure Magic’ brand with a larger portfolio, in an attempt to carve a niche for itself in the premium cookies segment.

Strategy - After studying the target audience (neo rich, self-indulgent, worldly-wise young beings who “live the moment”) and understanding their psyche, we created a brand that would wink at the audience & evoke them to identify with excess, luxury and indulgence. The design started with creating the spirit of brand - to create a mood of greed, craving, pampering, enticing through product packaging. We built new brand architecture, identity, shape, design, naming strategy that would communicate the brand offering.

Result - Britannia Industries launched the Pure Magic range of products initially in Delhi and Bangalore and is now expanding its distribution to other major cities in India.


Client: Britannia Industries: Pure Magic Brand -

Brand Strategists/Designers Elephant Design -
Design Director: Ms. Ashwini Deshpande
Senior Designer Ms. Taruja Parande


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