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ICFJ - International Center for Journalists 2009 REBRAND 100 Winners > best of awards
Industry/Sector: Institutions/Non-Profits
Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
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ICFJ - International Center for Journalists


Industry Setting - Solidify ICFJ’s position as a leader in journalist training worldwide.

Challenge - ICFJ was doing great work, yet they needed to understand, internally, what they were doing that distinguished them from everyone else, and be able to communicate that externally. To aid the ICFJ in its mission, a clear promise and visual identity were necessary to garner attention in a cluttered media environment.

Strategy - We needed to communicate the diversity of the organization and its ability to provide resources and skills to help protect journalistic integrity. A logo color palette inspired by natural, earthy tones reflects multiculturalism. The identity itself is made of interlocking letterforms reflecting strength and unity, while the colors communicate diversity. The design’s straightforward look-and-feel reflects ICFJ’s unbiased and honest nature. Together, the color palette, interlocking elements, and “plainspoken” design combine with the photojournalistic imagery to create a dynamic and differentiated visual feel for ICFJ.

Result - The new identity has acted as a successful unifying force within the organization and given it a more focused, powerful outward persona. The resulting identity is an organization that effectively communicates a powerful message of journalistic integrity.


Client: International Center for Journalists -
Client Contact: Dawn Arteaga

Brand Strategists/Designers: Siegel+Gale -
Worldwide Executive Creative Director: Sven Seger
Creative Director: Young Kim
Designer: Daniella Spinat
Strategist: Peter Cohl


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