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DAI 2007 REBRAND 100 Winners > best of awards
Industry: Consulting Services - Below: Before Images, Rebrand Images, Summary, Credits

DAI Rebrand by MetaDesign San Francisco


Industry Setting - DAI delivers social and economic development solutions to developing and transitioning countries. The company works with business and government clients to help successfully navigate social, economic, and political change.

Challenge - DAI required repositioning as an independent “world” agency. Historically, most of DAI’s contracts originate through USAID, which had led to a common misconception that the firm was a US Government agency. Contributing to this perception was a fragmented visual identity and decentralized marketing effort.

Strategy - A symbolic flag was created to represent DAI’s unique and independent role in the global community. Three colored bars represent the core disciplines of the company. The strategy team, which included Marshall Strategy, identified and articulated the organization's highest mission which is to enable people in any circumstance to improve their own conditions, whether economic, health-related, or civic-oriented. Brown stands for the organization's Foundations - 37 years in 150 countries. Green stands for the results DAI delivers. Blue stands for aspirations for "Advancing Human Prosperity" (DAI's tag line). These three themes: foundations, results, and aspirations, are methodically applied across DAI's global communication system.

Naming: Marshall Strategy recommended the company shorten its name from "Development Alternatives, Inc." to DAI, to reinforce its identity as an international firm operating beyond the English-speaking world and to better accord with how the company has become known in the development community.

Result - The new brand identity sets DAI apart from the banal landscape of US Government contractors. The globally patriotic identity mirrors the company’s passion for humanity and the elevation of personal dignity in places where it is most needed.

Client: DAI -

Brand Strategist/Designer: MetaDesign San Francisco -
Creative Directors: Bill Hill, Brett Wickens
Designers: Wayne Huck, Josh Distler

Brand/Naming Strategists: Marshall Strategy -
Philip Durbrow and Ken Pasternak


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